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Barbarian Smiler : 6
Conqueror Thernon : 5
Ranger Chorrol : 5
Guardian Kardisk : 3
Bearshaman Smilor : 3
Conqueror Barkmann : 3
Conqueror Twinkus : 2
Guardian Mikna : 2
Demonologist Bumbo : 2
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We are currently looking for new members for the following classes:

  Class Status
Sin Sin High
Barb Barb High
BS BS High
Conq Conq High
DT DT High
Demo Demo High
Guard Guard High
Necro Necro High
Ranger Ranger High

Welcome to our Guild! The guild was formed in 2009 on the the server Aquilonia, which was one of the original European servers with the PVP-RP ruleset. This server was eventually merged, along with many of the other PVP-RP servers into what is now the Fury server.

The ethos in the guild is to have a much fun in the game as possible and this is achieved through a relaxed friendly atmosphere. There are no taxes, no minimum play time, no kill on sight lists and no pacts or alliances with other guilds. We are self sufficient.

As leader of the guild I try to create an environment where people can get as much fun out of the game as possible. This means that I don't bark orders at people and instead try to support them so that they enjoy the game at their own pace, in good company when it suits them. A guild is the members not the leader.

The only thing that we ask is that if you want to join us in PVE then you have a dedicated spec for this, which is not an issue since the introduction of the multi-spec system, and that you focus on getting the key perks for your archetype quickly. This is so that you can contribute more to the group rather than going along for the ride.

All the best and see you in game.



Temporary Bot Service Shutdown

Hey guys,
I have to physically relocate the server that hosts our lovely bot. It will be back online in a week or two.


hello people from wild geese. How are you guys? hope you are fine And what about a old wild geese reunion this december for some gaming together like the old days? just 1 month. What do you guys think? lets run kithai and turan and the old world dungeons and try to make some raids maibe.

Take care guys


Hello m8s

I understand your decision (bumbo). I´m not playing atm also. i´m having a very hard time now i will leave my home in 2 weeks (new home, new city, new ppl, university, new life, etc) and i´m single now. I had a very ugly fight with my exgilrfriend and now i´m single so i need to go out and meet some new ppl and search for some old friends etc. I will log sometimes to age of conan to see how you guys are and have some chat with you via vent. I will come back when i see that go premium again when i see its worth it.

My compliments to all of you.
Cya all in facebook or when i will pay a visit in Hyboria :-)


Hi guys,
This is not an pleasant post for me to write but I have decided to quit the game.

Lately, I had an issue with Funcom's policy about their customers relationship and how they handle (or not) money-related problems. To make a long story short, because of a bug on their website they tried to take money from me without my consent. I was expecting them to respect the law regarding this issue and they did not. Instead, they politely asked me to go screw myself. I did my best to respect their Rules of Conduct for years just to realise this company does not apply our French/Norwegian/European laws. As I cannot accept any compromise that goes against the law, I have decided to stop any kind of payments to Funcom which implies I cannot renew my premium membership. Being f2p doesn't make any sense so the only option left to me is to quit the game, unfortunately.

I hope you guys understand my decision. I can still maintain the bot, the website or any guild-related things including craftings. I will probably stick around on vent or on guild chat through the bot. If you have any request, please send me a PM on this website.

Thank you all guys and keep Wild Geese on!


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