Enigmata of Yag

Enigmata of Yag

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A very popular instance because it drops epic leggs (a feature shared only with Ai District) and can give a double loot (double leggs, rare trophies, and mastery).

The Enigmata of Yag is in the middle of the crater, accessible through the weird purple rock that acts as a portal and which requires a full key.

Accessing the Instance Lobby

Get the Left Half and the Right Half from the Cavern of Malice and the Celestial Necropolis. Forge the whole key by right-clicking any of the halves. This is part of a quest so if you've done it already, leave the key halves to someone else. If everyone has done this quest before, let the group leader have it.

Make sure everybody is in the vicinity of the portal. You must be able to see the HP bar of every group member in the group list. Once checked, right click the portal to activate the key. This will give a key debuff to everyone, allowing access to the lobby for a limited amount of time.

Rare Boss Tracking

While not mandatory, this time-consuming task consists of tracking the rare boss within the instance in order to fight the boss that drops a double loot. There are 3 bosses inside. One is physical damage (a minotaur, very common), the other one is a caster (uncommon), and the rare one you want is the Spawn of Nyarlathotep (caster too).

Have a ranger in the lobby and a random player (called inviter) anywhere but inside the instance. Inviter and ranger group together, the ranger goes inside using the blue teleporter then immediately uses his track ability to search for "Spawn of Nyarlathotep". If not found, break the group, ranger leaves the instance, regroup, and repeat. Make sure the ranger disables the spash screen fade in/fade out in the game options (speeds up the zoning a lot).

Once the boss has been found, the inviter invites the rest of the party. If the ranger needs to log another toon, make sure someone is in the instance before the ranger leaves or you'll loose the rare boss.


The dungeon consists of 2 distincts parts: the maze below and the boss area above. Both are connected by a yellow teleporter. You start in the maze.
There is a timer in the instance that starts when someone goes too close to the Guardian. So when you enter, don't move until everyone is ready! If you fail finishing the instance within the given time, you can say goodbye to the loot. Since you would probably be bound already, you need to wait for the instance to cool down.

1. Maze
The objective here is to find the Guardian and dps him to force a relocation. He will relocate 3 times. On his last relocation, he will be on top of the maze, where the yellow teleporter is. Dpsing him once more will port him to the boss area and spawn a worm boss.

2. Worm boss
Physical damage, can apply wrack on tank (front cone) and KB. Tank and spank until he's dead. Best to have the tank between the boss and a wall to avoid being KB in the void. Use resolve on the wrack (BS' SF also works). The wrack can also be dodged like Frost Whip. The KB can be double-tapped as usual.
The boss drops 6 slices of bacon that can be used to instantly teleport you to the yellow teleporter. Let everybody have one, for it helps in case you need to come back here.
Use the yellow teleporter to reach the boss area.

3. Boss area
Use the stream to swim up to the upper platform where the Guardian awaits.

a. Once everyone is ready, go near one of the 3 pillars to get a +1000% damage buff then shoot the container receptacle (we call it the "box"). Max dps on this "box" makes the whole fight easier. Spellcasters can spellweave within the range of the damage buff. Others can use a bow/crossbow in zoom mode, which is more efficient than simply using melee combos thanks to the buff.

b. The Guardian activates a security system. The box cannot be damaged anymore because the pillars are generating a bubble on it. Destroy the 3 pillars.
Worth noting that when a pillar gets damaged, a teleporter light/wisp spawns. Each pillar can spawn up to 3 teleporters. The first one appears when the pillar drops below 100%. The next one comes when it goes below 50%, and the last one spawns when the pillar is destroyed.
Best to dps all pillars to 51%, then all to 1%, and finally kill them all so you avoid having to deal with too many teleporter lights.
If you get teleported, just swim back up.
During this phase, players receive a debuff that applies a damage reduction and random stuns. This debuff can be removed by killing a Celestial Parasite on the lower platform (actually anywhere in the instance, but those are closer). A common tactic is to start dpsing the pillars and when someone gets teleported, everyone follows him, get a Celestial Parasite, all hug it and kill it for mass debuff removal.

c. Now that the pillars are down, the protection shield must be removed. Someone has to go back to the maze and find a light bulb. That task is generally given to the player with the lowest dps (others focusing on killing the pillars). Once found, go back to the boss area and click the totem near the Guardian. Now that the shield is removed, dps the box below 25% (we generally drop it to 10%).
While you are dpsing the box, the Guardian lights up 3 candles on the totem. If he manages to light them all before the box is below the threshold, a new shield will be generated and another light bulb must be used. If that happens, simply use the beacon relocator from the worm boss to instantly teleport to the yellow pad where a light bulb awaits, then come back and use it. Also, some light wisp will spawn and move to the box to heal it, damaging players in the process.

d. Here come troubles. If the box is destroyed, you'll have to face an enraged boss (get ready to wipe).
As a last resort the Guardian, who is obviously unable to prevent you from releasing the boss that lies within the containment receptacle, tries to teleport you inside using purple teleporters that spawn on the player's feet.
The idea here is to get teleported inside the box, kill the emprisonned boss within, then finish the fight outside the box on the upper platform. See below for details.

Hard mode / Normal mode
While you are fighting the boss inside the box, a creature spawns outside and tries to break the receptacle. If it does so, you fail (boss enrages).
On normal mode, you need to quickly kill the boss inside.
On hard mode, you need to actually break the box when the boss inside is below 10% HP. This can be achieved in different ways but here's the classic tactics.

One player is designated as the kiter. Everyone gets teleported inside the box through purple teleporters, except for the kiter who now has 3 important tasks to do:
1. DPS the box down to a confortable level of 1% or 2%, and get ready to finish it on request.
2. Aggro the creature that spawns otherwise it will destroy the box early. This creature now attacks the kiter who then needs to ... kite. Hence his name.
3. Avoid purple teleporters at all cost. If the kiter gets teleported inside while having aggro on the creature, it's a wipe.

When the group gives the order to break the box (that is, when the boss is below 10%), the kiter executes and everyone now face the HM version of the boss.

Important notes for the kiter:
  • I can't stress it enough, avoid purple teleporters!
  • best to use a range dpser as a melee dpser will generate many teleporters close to the box, preventing him from approaching and dpsing it further.
  • Be very careful with uncontrolled damage on the box. Turn off pets (necros/demos), avoid dots, etc. You don't want to accidentally break it!
  • If you are having a hard time kiting both the teleporters and the creature while dpsing, you can let the creature attacking the box. This will dmg the box and make your kiting way easier since you now only have to avoid the teleporters. Be extremely careful doing this! You need to aggro the creature before he actually breaks the box! So target the box and let the monster attack it, monitoring the box HP carefully. When it's around 2% or 3%, attack the creature to aggro it then kite as usual.

The whole thing can be done without the help of the kiter, if you're confident on your group dps and your tank survivability. Just teleport the whole group inside, quickly dps the boss to 5-9% and keep it in this range. Then wait for the creature to destroy the box for you.
If your dps is low, leave the box at 25%. This will grant you more time since the creature will have to deal with a stronger box. If your dps is high but your tank suffers from holy attacks from the boss, leave the box with less HP.

Boss Fight
I will only cover the Spawn of Nyarlathotep here.

  • Demonic Ruin. Boss casts a ruin on the group which has to be removed with healer's SF. So always hug the boss and stay in front of the healer. It puts unholy dots on players (can easily kill squishies).
  • Nyarlathotep's Regeneration. Heals the boss. Can be removed by rogue's TW. Wait until the end of the cast to use TW. Light blue icon debuff on boss.
  • Nyarlathotep's Protection. Bubble on boss with the usual redish aura. Can be pierced with rogue's FH.
  • Wrack on tank. Use Resolve.
  • Boss has a very low protection and does magic (holy) damage. This has a nasty consequence on casters: tank requires protection gear so he looses a lot of hate while casters get a big dps boost. Pulling aggro on caster is very easy so start dpsing slowly! Applies to sin's bomb, obviously.

Once the boss is dead, you can finish the Guardian for extra loot. There's a shiny thing on the ground for a quest; clicking it starts a cutscene. Exit the dungeon by jumping into the void.

Notes and Facts
This instance was the last and hardest dungeon in the game when Rise of the Godslayer was released and before Paikang/T4 was ready.

Since you can get double loot from the rare boss, HM gives 5-6 rare trophies.

Just like Necropolis (which is a prerequisit for the key), tank needs protection gear. Not an easy boss to tank so avoid having a fresh 80 tanking it. I strongly discourage fresh tanks to go for the physical dmg boss instead, as it's even harder to tank :)

If you don't know the maze, follow the others.

Once you're in the lobby, you can farm the instance indefinitely without the need for another key as long as you don't exit the lobby. The key is only required to access the lobby through the teleporter rock in Kara Korum crater. Players can also join using teleporter scrolls/coins.
It's common to have a ranger parked inside for tracking.

Tracking is a long process. About 20-30mn on average. Can take up to more than 1 hour. I hope you are reading this while your beloved ranger is tracking :)

As mentionned in the introduction, this is where epic leggs drop. The alternative is Ai District in Paikang. Since update xxx, leggs can now also be bought at faction vendors with rare trophies to avoid farming Yag for years for a specific piece of gear.


Don't read this if you don't want some part of the story spoiled!

This instance has a strong lore and background, mixing Conan and Lovecraft universes.
Please correct me if I'm wrong as I'm not a lore expert.
Yag is an alien planet whose inhabitants travel across the universe. They eventually ended up on Earth where all were killed except for Yag Kosha who settled in Paikang and was worshiped as a God. He has a human body with an elephant head and could very well play in David Lynch's movie. Yag Kosha was slaved by Yara. He asks Conan to kill him so he can be released from Yara's influence. Since then, Conan is hated in Khitai for being the God Slayer.
The Crawling Chaos sent a monstruosity in Khitai but Yag Kosha managed to emprison it within the Container Receptacle in the Enigmata of Yag. He then sets a security defense to prevent people from releasing that monstruosity (the Guardian). A khitan general found a way to that place and got much power from it, so much that he eventually kills the Emperor and took his place (the former Emperor was the father of the chief of the Yellow Priests of Yun, the new one being the last boss in T4 raid). The rare boss of the instance is nothing less but a spawn of the Crawling Chaos himself, a character you meet in human (stygian) form in Dragon Spine.
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