Postby Bumbo » Wed Aug 27, 2014 11:41 am

Hi guys,
This is not an pleasant post for me to write but I have decided to quit the game.

Lately, I had an issue with Funcom's policy about their customers relationship and how they handle (or not) money-related problems. To make a long story short, because of a bug on their website they tried to take money from me without my consent. I was expecting them to respect the law regarding this issue and they did not. Instead, they politely asked me to go screw myself. I did my best to respect their Rules of Conduct for years just to realise this company does not apply our French/Norwegian/European laws. As I cannot accept any compromise that goes against the law, I have decided to stop any kind of payments to Funcom which implies I cannot renew my premium membership. Being f2p doesn't make any sense so the only option left to me is to quit the game, unfortunately.

I hope you guys understand my decision. I can still maintain the bot, the website or any guild-related things including craftings. I will probably stick around on vent or on guild chat through the bot. If you have any request, please send me a PM on this website.

Thank you all guys and keep Wild Geese on!

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