Funcom Account Options After the Lag

Funcom Account Options After the Lag

Postby smiler » Sat Sep 22, 2012 10:27 am

Funcom have given every player 3 options after the recent issues with lag and the update roll backs. The options are as follows:

1) 400 funcom points and an Imperial Bronzesteed Slaughter Steed mount (please note that this requires basic riding, advanced riding and exotic mount riding to use but is available as a claim on all of your characters)
2) 800 funcom points
3) 7 days free premium time

You need to log into your account via the website to choose which option you go for.

Note: for the tiger mount you can use veteran points on your characters to get advanced riding which saves you a significant amount of gold and the exotic mount riding is available from hyrkanians, wolves of the steppes or Tamarin Tiger factions for 20G and 300 marks of acclaim.

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