Renown Level 19

Renown Level 19

Postby Bumbo » Fri Apr 05, 2013 12:48 pm

Congratulations guys, we hit renown level 19!

All the efforts we made are paying! New recruits, raids, multiple HM groups, T3 Temple, it's raining renown!
And more important, we keep receiving spontaneous and positive feedbacks and reviews from complete unknown people on Hyboria. Our fame is great. Our best advertisement: our own presence, behavior, and achievements in game :)

We unlocked new moral boosting items at Bori vendors, the superior megalith architect quest, and new archetype pets!

There are 3 new and unique pets for each archetype:
  • Soldiers have to talk to the local Warmonger (near the Keep)
  • Rogues have to talk to the Unseen (on the west near the inner gate that leads to the Keep)
  • Mages have to get their quest from the Silent Practitioner (Temple)
  • Healers can talk to the Revent Settler (Temple)

- Soldier pets: Sergeant-at-arms, Silverback Gorilla, Lion Cub
- Rogue pets: Snow stalker, Lachiesh Stag, Ruby Whelp
- Priest pets: Young Scholar, Young Bear, Snake
- Mage pets: Reanimated corpse, Winged Hunger, Crawling Spite
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