Loot rules in the Alliance T4 raids

Loot rules in the Alliance T4 raids

Postby Avantesma » Fri Nov 08, 2013 12:17 pm

Hi m8s :)

Since we have some players pissed off and i've been noticing that many players are not happy with how things are going i decided to start here a discussion.

IMO the major problem we are having in raids is that the loot rules are changing each time a box is opened according to some players interests. I think this cannot continue and I know that at least 2 of our players lost items due to this loot rules changing procedure.

I remember that Kardisk was the only guard on the raid, a guard item dropped and they decided to change the rules allowing all tanks to compete for the item arguing that the soldiers sets are good for all soldiers.
Then a DT item dropped and they changed the rules again deciding to allow only DTs rolling for the item arguing that the classes should have priority in their sets, and Hiao was the only DT there.
And some more similar issues happened.

So imo. the most important thing we should do is to register their forum (We can do it and i've been advertising it since the beginning in this forum and in our guild bot), and participate in the loot rule discussion is being made there. If u don't participate in the discussion there u cant claim in the future that u don't agree with the rules we have.

Personally, I'm not worried about the rules we have as soon as they are definitely fixed and dont change any more. What i don't like is having the rules changing every time a box is opened.

The forum link is - http://www.thelaw-guild.com/forum/

Pls create an account there and wait for the admin to activate it

The Discussion thread link is - http://www.thelaw-guild.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=277

Re: Loot rules in the Alliance T4 raids

Postby Avantesma » Fri Nov 08, 2013 12:46 pm

Now I will post here the advantages and disadvantages of the several loot rules possibilities, in my opinion of course.
If u dont agree with these points or if u think there are other important points, pls say so. This is only a discussion.

DKP system

- It rewards the players that actually participate more in the alliance activities giving them a higher probability of gearing up their chars;
- If the players that participate more in the alliance activities get their gear faster then the probability of having good geared players signing and being available for each activity is also higher;
- If the probability of having good geared players available for the alliance activities is higher than the probability of success on those activities is also higher;
- It rewards the players that waste their time and make efforts wiping again and again on difficult bosses until the alliance manages to have them on farm (some times these wipe fests can endure for several months);
- Without this reward the players would be tempted to not show up when the team is wiping and struggling to pass a difficult boss and would join the raids only for the bosses already on farm.
- It rewards the players that participate in all the activities important for the alliance even if some of them aren't directly rewarding for their particular interests. why would a full Kithai epic and Ibis owner player help in an Ibis crafting raid if he will not get any benefits from it?
- It prevents ninja looting from players claiming that they didn't know the rules or don't agree with them. If a player joins our guild because he only want a T4 weapon, what prevents him from ninja a weapon that is better and is suited for other class, leaving the guild after that?
- Its a transparent method because anyone can check how the DKP points are given;
- It gives the possibility of having a complex loot rules system with all the exceptions we may decide to have, that also allows players from several different guilds to join without having the risk of ninja looting.

- Its unfair for the players that doesn't have many time to join the alliance activities;
- Its unfair for the very good players that are decisive to the activities success but that can't join all the activities due to RL and work restrictions;
- It gives the feeling of a professional system that may remove some of the fun the game can give, transforming the gaming experience into a 2nd work experience;
- It removes the adrenaline and the fun we get when a box is opened and we roll for loot in a luck based system;
- Since it gives to the most active players a higher probability of being faster in completely gearing up their chars, there is the risk of those players stop joining the activities and they have it completely done;
- It gives a great power to who controls the DKP points distribution, what may create some argues, suspicion and complains;
- It rewards players that go for raids without being properly geared up or specked giving them more chance to get loot (if they are very active in joining the activities) then the really decisive players (good gear, skill and speck) that can't join so often.

Weapons and Accessories priority rules

Postby Avantesma » Fri Nov 08, 2013 1:35 pm

We are having in the "The Law" forum the discussion about the weapons priority.

I will be posting here the priorities that are being set:
The discussion has not finished yet so I may edit it in the future

1 - Advocacy of the August Ones : Pom / Tos
3 - Censer of those Who Wait Below : DT
5 - Favor of the Skeleton Concubines : Demo / Necro
13 - Token of the Divinity Serpent : Pom / Tos
16 - Vermiculated Token of All Fiends : Demo / Necro

Image Image Image Image Image

12 - Tickler of the Autumn Night : Sin
15 - Vermiculated Fang of all Fiends : Demo / Necro
26 - Razor of the Divinity Serpent : Pom / ToS
30 - Shiv of the Autumn Night : Sin
36 - Yun's Crow-Beaked Kisses : Demo / Necro

Image Image Image Image Image

Bows, Xbows and ammo:
25 - Rain of Responding Dragon : Ranger
4 - Death Harp of the Nine Stars : Ranger
10 - The Mouth of Barbed Promises : Ranger
21 - Cang Jei's Assorted Nasties : Ranger

Image Image Image Image

14 - Tongue of the Eight-Way Wyrm : ToS
32 - The Horizon's Severing Divide : Guard

Image Image

7 - Laughing Auspices of the Celestial : Pom / ToS
8 - Patronage of the Four Fiends : DT / Guard
31 - The August Ones' Impassible Grin : Guard / DT

Image Image Image

28 - Scepter of Ten Thousand Hells : PoM / ToS
35 - Yun's Cold Flame : Demo / Necro

Image Image

2HB and 2HE:
6 - Heaven Cracker Soul Sunderer : BS / Barb
11 - The Unconquerable Riddle of Steel : Conq
23 - Heaven Cracker Earth Breaker : BS
27 - Ripper of the Faceless Chaos : HoX
33 - Thrice-Howled Edge of Frenzy : Barb / Conq

Image Image Image Image Image

1HE and 1HB:
2 - Cang Jei's Serrated Gibe : Ranger
9 - South Cleave of the Vermillion Bird : Barb
24 - North Cleave of the Black Tortoise : Guard
22 - East Cleave of the Azure Dragon : DT
29 - Scepter of the August Ones : PoM / ToS
34 - West Cleave of the White Tiger : Barb / DT / Conq

Image Image Image Image Image Image

17 - Ring of Profane Knowledge : Demo / Necro / HoX
18 - Band of the Celestial Bureaucracy : PoM / ToS / DT
19 - Band of the Immortals : Guard / Conq / DT / BS / Barb / HoX
20 - Ring of Impossible Secrets : Sin / Ranger

Image Image Image Image

37 - Amulet of the Esoteric Pendulum : Demo / Necro / HoX
40 - Chain of Unbreakable Links : Guard / Conq / DT / Barb / BS
41 - Charm of the Laughing Shadows : Sin / Ranger / BS / Barb / HoX
43 - Pendant of the Penitent Pilgrim : PoM / ToS / DT

Image Image ImageImage

38 - Cang Jei's Eleven Sacred Obscenities : BS / Barb / Sin / Ranger / HoX
39 - Cape of Eleven Fallen Heroes : Guard / DT / Conq / Barb / BS
42 - Mantle of Eleven Resplendent Prayers : PoM / ToS
44 - Shroud of Eleven Forbidden Names : Demo / Necro / HoX

Image Image Image Image

When we have the list fixed on the "The Law" forum I post it here.

Pls participate in the discussion there if u don't agree with these priorities.

Here is the link to the weapons priority discussion thread http://www.thelaw-guild.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=279

They agreed to make this loot table, it will be posted on their and our forum and we will have a script with it that will be posted before the opening of any box, just like it has being made for ages in T1, T2, T3 pugs.
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Gear sets priority rule

Postby Avantesma » Mon Nov 11, 2013 12:40 pm

Hi m8s

It seems that the discussion related to the gear sets priority rules has already finished.

Here are the priorities:

Courageos Souls - Guard (it's for Guards First if he or she doesn't need them then other soldier class can bid for them)
Fearless souls - DT (it's for DT First if he or she doesn't need them then other soldier class can bid for them)
Indomitable Souls - Conq (it's for Conquer First if he or she doesn't need them then other soldier class can bid for them)

A Thousand Blossoms - PoM / ToS
The Dragon King - PoM / ToS
The Scattered Gods - BS

The Death God - Sin
Untamed Violence - Barb
The Deathstalker - Ranger

The Outer Dark - Demo / Necro
The Strange Beyond - HoX

We will have a script with these priorities that will be posted on the raid chat before the opening of each box like it has being done for ages in T1, T2, T3 pig raids.

If u don't agree with something pls participate on the discussion thread ( the llink is http://www.thelaw-guild.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=277)

General loot rules

Postby Avantesma » Mon Nov 11, 2013 1:02 pm

Hi again m8s :)

These are the general loot rules that has been fixed:


If you want an item you need to put the dkp price in raid chat
If someone else wants the item then can increase the dkp bid
If you do not want the item you put pass or -

Item Priority
Items will be offered to the class its meant for first (according to the gear, weapons and accessories priorities fixed list)
If they do not want/need the item it will be offered to other classes who can use them

DKP Prices

• 60 DKP for armor parts

• 100 DKP for weapons

• 75 DKP for rings, capes and necklace

• 15 DKP for archetype receptacle 10x Simple Relic IV

• 100 DKP for 1 archetype Dragon Tear

• 20 DKP for Mounts

• 5 DKP for phial of heavenly knowledge 3 expertise points

A script with these rules will be posted on raid chat before the opening of each box.

If u don't agree with anything pls participate in the discussion thread (the link is http://www.thelaw-guild.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=277)

Loot rules scripts

Postby Avantesma » Wed Nov 13, 2013 12:04 pm

Hi m8s

This is the script that is being used on our T4 alliance raids before the opening of each box:


The weapons and accessories priority discussion hasn't ended yet so we still don't have a script for it.

As soon as we have it, I post it here

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