PVP section on forum

PVP section on forum

Postby Avantesma » Thu Oct 10, 2013 9:23 am


Since we are in a pvp server, I think we should have a pvp section on this forum where we could discuss things related to minigames, premades, pvp events, sieges, hostile players, hostile guilds, bori, etc.

Re: PVP section on forum

Postby Avantesma » Thu Nov 14, 2013 2:03 pm

Pls create here a PVP forum and a Crafting forum.

We will have a big pvp event this Friday

A massive bori fight :D (maybe more than 24 vs 24 players) and i think it would be a massive fun. I would like very much to participate and it would be very nice if we had there a Wild Geese group.

If u created here a section for pvp I could post here so many things related to pvp that i think it would be useful for our guildies.

We could have a pvp day for premades, duels, bori fight and so on.

Also a crafting forum would be very good to let us know who are our crafters, what can they craft, what mats are needed, where can we find recipes and resorces, who would like to get an Ibis, what is guild planning to make in our guild city, and so on.
We could also have a farming recipes day or a crafting day

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