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Barbarian Smiler : 6
Conqueror Thernon : 5
Ranger Chorrol : 5
Bearshaman Smilor : 3
Conqueror Barkmann : 3
Guardian Kardisk : 3
Conqueror Rotting : 2
Assassin Coming : 2
Bearshaman Truffe : 2
Conqueror Twinkus : 2


We are currently looking for new members for the following classes:

  Class Status
Sin Sin High
Barb Barb High
BS BS High
Conq Conq High
DT DT High
Demo Demo High
Guard Guard High
Necro Necro High
Ranger Ranger High

Welcome to our Guild! The guild was formed in 2009 on the the server Aquilonia, which was one of the original European servers with the PVP-RP ruleset. This server was eventually merged, along with many of the other PVP-RP servers into what is now the Fury server.

The ethos in the guild is to have a much fun in the game as possible and this is achieved through a relaxed friendly atmosphere. There are no taxes, no minimum play time, no kill on sight lists and no pacts or alliances with other guilds. We are self sufficient.

As leader of the guild I try to create an environment where people can get as much fun out of the game as possible. This means that I don't bark orders at people and instead try to support them so that they enjoy the game at their own pace, in good company when it suits them. A guild is the members not the leader.

The only thing that we ask is that if you want to join us in PVE then you have a dedicated spec for this, which is not an issue since the introduction of the multi-spec system, and that you focus on getting the key perks for your archetype quickly. This is so that you can contribute more to the group rather than going along for the ride.

All the best and see you in game.



Open world PVP events

We are participating in the Open World PVP events organized by Loups Solitaires.

We are getting loads of fun on those events and we have to thanks Vehl And Loups Solitaires for this wonderful initiative. Well done m8s and We hope u keep doing it :)

4 - We participated in the 2nd Wild Lands Contagion pvp event
Here is the Thread link in AoC forum - http://forums.ageofconan.com/showthread.php?t=183933

3 - We won :D the 3rd Cimmerian End Siege of Brandok pvp event and all our players won 1600 Funcom points
The final score was (counted in minuts holding the flag):
- 1st - Wild Geese: 25
- 2nd - Loups Solitaires & The Law: 21
- 3rd - Tombstone: 11

All players in team did very well (Crypthon, Khoy, Panservogn, Frutadaepoca, Adamo and Serkora) but I have to say that Crypthon and Khoy played wonderfully leading the team to victory even being only 5 players in half of the fight.
here is the thread link in AoC forum - http://forums.ageofconan.com/showthread.php?t=183830

2 - We participated on the 2nd Cimmerian End Siege of Brandok pvp event
The final score was (counted in minuts holding the flag):
- 1st - Loups Solitaires: 30
- 2nd - Vergessene Helden: 8
- 3rd - Wild Geese: 6
- 4th - Tombstone: 4

1 - We participated in the 1st Wild Lands Contagion pvp event
Here is the Thread link in AoC forum - http://forums.ageofconan.com/showthread.php?t=183933

Here is the link to the first first Thread concerning those events
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T4 raiding alliance

We have a raiding alliance for T4 with The Law and Loups Solitaires

Right now we have the 3 first bosses (General Cheng, Basilisk and Imp) on farm and we are making our first attempts on Zodiac. Soon we will have all bosses on farm :D

Here we have a picture of our last General Cheng kill (1st T4 boss) :)


Here we have a picture of our last Basilisk kill (2nd T4 boss)


Here we have a picture of our last Imp kill (3rd T4 boss) :)


Here we have a picture of our first Memory Cloud kill (6th T4 boss) :)


Renown Level 19

Congratulations guys, we hit renown level 19!

All the efforts we made are paying! New recruits, raids, multiple HM groups, T3 Temple, it's raining renown!
And more important, we keep receiving spontaneous and positive feedbacks and reviews from complete unknown people on Hyboria. Our fame is great. Our best advertisement: our own presence, behavior, and achievements in game :)

We unlocked new moral boosting items at Bori vendors, the superior megalith architect quest, and new archetype pets!

There are 3 new and unique pets for each archetype:
  • Soldiers have to talk to the local Warmonger (near the Keep)
  • Rogues have to talk to the Unseen (on the west near the inner gate that leads to the Keep)
  • Mages have to get their quest from the Silent Practitioner (Temple)
  • Healers can talk to the Revent Settler (Temple)

- Soldier pets: Sergeant-at-arms, Silverback Gorilla, Lion Cub
- Rogue pets: Snow stalker, Lachiesh Stag, Ruby Whelp
- Priest pets: Young Scholar, Young Bear, Snake
- Mage pets: Reanimated corpse, Winged Hunger, Crawling Spite

Reclaimable free item

Another cache of goods became reclaimable this week in the in-game store. Find it in the special offers section for 0 Funcom points.

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