Player recruitment script

Player recruitment script

Postby smiler » Sun May 29, 2016 10:03 am

If you are an officer and want to send players information about the guild then the script to do so is as follows:

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/t %1 Wild Geese player recruitment information <a href="text://<div align=center><font face=HYBORIANLarge color=green>Wild Geese</font><br><b><font color=#999999>International English Speaking PVP/PVE guild</font><b></div><br><div><font color=#999999><font color=white>Leader:</font> Smiler<br><font color=white>Founded:</font> 2009<br><font color=white>Server Ranking:</font> 4th<br><font color=white>Guild City:</font> Lacheish Plains - Tier 3 Buildings (maximum)<br><font color=white>Guild Level:</font> 20 (maximum)<br><font color=white>Website:</font><br><font color=white>VOIP:</font> Discord</div><br><div><font color=#999999>A Jacobite army were exiled from Ireland after a failed coup to overthrow an oppressive regime in the 15th century.  They offered their services as mercenaries in most countries in Europe and were know as the Wild Geese.</font><br><br><font color=white></font><br><br>We are a friendly relaxed guild of casual gamers.  We have nothing silly like non agression pacts, kill on sight lists, minimum play time or taxes that we impose on members.  It's just a game, it's meant to be fun, so we don't take it too seriously.<br><br>If you want help just ask.<br><br>We would like you to join our band.</font></div><br><div><a href='chatcmd:///tell %m I would like you to fry me a sausage'>Accept</a> / <a href='chatcmd:///tell %m I am too busy eating my own sausages'>Decline</a></div>">click to read</a>

If you don't have a scripts folder in the root of your AOC game folder then create one. Copy and paste the code into a text document and save it as guildme then delete the .txt from the end. This makes the command quicker because if you leave it in the script name then the command is /guildme.txt rather than /guildme.

When calling the script you need to state which player you want to send it to. for example the command to send the information to a player is /guildme smiler as the first variable is the intended player to send the script to in a tell.

The final thing to be aware of is that you need to keep the script up to date as server ranking is part of the information so just change this from week to week.

Re: Player recruitment script

Postby Bumbo » Sun Jun 19, 2016 9:05 am

Script updated on the bot. I need to find a way so all officers can easily update that script.
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Re: Player recruitment script

Postby smiler » Tue Sep 26, 2017 6:26 pm

Edited my original script so officers please use this one.

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